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Beyond Hair: Navigating Transracial Hair Care with Confidence!

Welcome to Divine Beauty's Blog! Where Transracial Hair Care is Top Priority.

Hello! My name is Olena (Lena for short) and I am the owner of Divne Beauty, A hair salon on Madison's east side. I've always had a love for hair and ALL things beautiful! However, I didn't immediately follow my passion, I thought following my passion would take the enjoyment and excitement out of it. Boy, was I wrong!

After giving birth to my now six year old daughter, I quit my 9-5 and attended Cosmetology school. Shortly after recieving my certificate, I started my journey of entrepreneurship. Although I LOVED being behind the chair, I couldn't find my "niche." I felt like I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I wanted to go beyond hairstyling, I wanted to help in a way that really made a difference.

Upon speaking with and servicing many transracial families, I FINALLY found it! The enjoyment I experienced from teaching, and growing with these families was unexplainable! I quickly realized that not only was there a lack of knowledge, but there was also a lack of support on how to care for textured hair. This is where is strive to make a difference!

Happy Hair Stylist

I remember being a young girl and being insecure about how I looked when my hair wasn't properly cared for. I even remember winning"Crazy Hair Day," just by deciding not to comb my hair before school. Of course it was intentional, but that still ain't right! LOL.

I say all that to say; proper hair care, ESPECIALLY in transracial homes is extremely important. For several reasons! I am here to teach and guide you on the importance of hair care! Subscribe for future Step by Step guides on how to care for your little one's hair!


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