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Lena Divine

It all started when I was a little girl. I watched my mother be the “Kitchen Beautician” for as long as I could remember. I would see people come and go looking as glamorous as could be. I stayed with the cutest, most trending hairstyles that only sent my ego sky high. However, that came to an end when my mother was faced with health challenges that would not allow her to work with her hands. I was then forced to learn on my own. After countless hours in the mirror, on YouTube and being the “go-to” person whenever my friends and family needed, my love for helping others feel and look their best further developed. 

However, I started school where I received my Associates degree in Medical Assisting. Although it paid the bills, I couldn't say I loved what I did. I knew I needed to make a change, but was too afraid. After giving birth to my daughter, I decided to completely walk by faith and not return to my 9-5. I then attended Chanell Ardor Schools of Beauty and Culture, where I graduated and received my license in Barbering and Cosmetology. That was only the beginning of pursuing my dream to become a entrepreneur. Stepping out on faith AGAIN, I established my business; Divine Beauty. 

Welcome to my page, where my goal is to help you "Look Divine at All Times." Thank you,

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